Morphium Skateboard Deck

Story and History

Morphium skateboards is about 100% skateboarding. The brand was established in 1997 by skateboarder Karl Knoop to create a local and independent brand to support skateboarding and contribute to the scene.

Morphium skateboards stand for the core values of skateboarding that we believe is first of all the act of skateboarding itself, a healthy community and a lot of fun enjoying skateboarding. We don’t believe in performance levels, hate, jealousy, egoism or anything that does not support the free creativity that skateboarding can stand for. In our opinion you can explore skateboarding without boundaries our society, the industry or certain trends within our own culture at times try to build up around us. We value and respect diversity of expressing skateboarding and try to inspire other skaters to live by similar principles.

Skateboarding is a great gift that has roots all the way back to the surf culture in 1970’s of California. Skateboarding and surfing is different, both have roots in a diverse „hang loose“ culture and in our opinion are some of the historical values worth holding on to.
Skateboarding is our way to explore freedom as a lifestyle.